Project Management

The Project Management centre follow a hands-on philosophy to their work. By communicating effectively with our clients, understanding the requirements of each individual project and managing the project teams concisely, Axis Engineering UK ensure we achieve client satisfaction and exceed expectations. The following items are provided under our Project Management services:

  • As the employer’s agent, Axis Engineering UK will analyse and administrate the pre-contract works of the project, checking all proposals and contract sums put forward, identifying any potential employer risk to our clients.
  • To make contact if necessary with the landlord and the building management of the property to co-ordinate the fit-out works with them, and to gain any required information or approvals on their side.
  • Prepare, issue and administrate all of the contract process.
  • Table all necessary meetings for the project, and record meeting minutes throughout, including the pre-start meeting for the client’s benefit.
  • Issue a detailed progress report on a regular basis to the client, including photos with a reflective site schematic and written description of the progress to date and the upcoming week , so the clients is regularly informed of how the project is doing in an informative and visual way.
  • Managing any variations and change orders for the project, issuing any certificates regarding payments and reviewing and agreeing the final account with the contractor.
  • Facilitating the practical completion of the project, and final handover of the space to the client. This will include making sure all operating and maintenance manuals are present upon handover, including full commissioning reports from the contractor, and issue a schedule of defects to be made good if necessary.
  • The process will continue past the handover through the defects liability period as we co-ordinate between the client and contractor.
  • The move management of the client’s equipment and belongings from their original office to the new office is also a service we provide, managing the sensitivity and quantity specific to every company, so the client’s office is fully prepared for their first day of business in the location.